FBSM Provider Vanessa Love


When we talk, laugh, and touch we create an Us.
We become a couple who share tastes, values, and goals.
We love sensuality and feminine beauty. We glory in the body. We enjoy beautiful, soft textures.
We want to see, hear, smell and feel more of life.

We want clean, well-oiled healing and fun in a safe, private place. We care about what is mutually good that leaves us feeling good about each other. We know that to gain all this in 1-2 hours takes preparation and focus (what I do for Us) and relaxed surrender (what you do for Us.)

Our shared space, arranged and decorated for your comfort, also shows you my tastes and personality. The walls and shelves are richly decorated with images of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility and love I worship. 

If I open my closet, you will see my collection of pretty girl shoes. My favorites are a rich red or blue with 4” heels. But many others match my moods: elegant heels for an evening of dancing, sexy slippers, proper executive pumps, sandals for the girl next door and cushioned running shoes for knocking about the beautiful Embarcadero or museum gallery. I am all those and more. I am a girly girl. I love to dress up for you and share a romantic adventure on the town, San Francisco or your favorite world city.


Sensuality does not wear a watch. She is adventurous. Sensuality has exquisite skin that announces she is alive. She thinks with her body. ~~Ruth Gendler

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