FBSM Provider Vanessa Love



From a Couple Fall 2014:

"As my husband of 20+ years and I await Vanessa's arrival, we are filled with many different emotions.  She was to be our first couple experience and my first exposure to another woman.  Excitement and fear filled our upscale hotel room, tantalizing the moment.  After several months of searching for the perfect provider, Vanessa's website spoke to us.  She offered a FBSM+, with a no full service option.  She loved working with couples and exploring the sexual energy between men and women.  The time had finally come…….knock knock.  

Butterflies danced in our bodies, nerves rattling our minds, she stepped into the room.  Warm hugs ensued, a few minutes of small talk to settle the energy, she departs our presence for a quick refreshing shower.  My husband and I look at one another and smile big, she's PERFECT!  She is organically beautiful, relaxed, engaged and you can tell immediately she is a master/mistress of her chosen profession.  We begin our FBSM+ experience with her in panties and myself laying naked on the bed.  As my husband watches from a chair, she begins to caress and explore my body.  

The next two hours are filled with the three of us exchanging and discovering.  These words are tucked into each moment:  
Softness, delicious bodies moving, deep exploration, sinfully trusting, strength of self, teacher of three, full gorgeous natural breasts, intimate and sexually charged words, gentle of heart, feminine lust, magical touch, playful energy, intuitive knowing, erotically soft, erotically hard, a queen of all senses, we are engaged in full rapture, all the way to climax.  
Our experience with Vanessa has not only brought my husband and I to a much deeper and richer longing for one another, but has opened us to explore our fantasies even further, of which Vanessa will be the one we'll choose, when discovering these new intimate and erotic pleasures. 

I encourage all of you; especially couples, to trust in her.  She is the perfect fit for those who seek a sensual guide.  She will help you discover your hidden wants, needs and desires, leading you and yours, to pure ecstasy.  

Vanessa, you are a true Goddess. 



"Vanessa is everything she represents herself to be and I highly recommend her. I saw her for the first time in 2008 when I was dating in SF. Something about my time with her instilled a confidence in me and my dating life improved! I can't explain why except that she made me feel attractive and confident. She is kind, sensitive, open minded and extremely intuitive. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with her. I saw her again last week Sept 2014 and her sensuality has improved immeasurably. She has become a sensual educator and shows many erotic skills. I'm thankful for every moment with Vanessa and know you will be too!

From the moment Vanessa greeted me at the door her sensuality was palatable. Dressed in a silk robe and sexy lingerie, she invited me to take a shower and greeted me when I was finished. She helped me dry off and gently touched my hardening cock. She invited me to lie down on the table and started touching me like no one has ever touched me before as she poured her loving approval all over me. Her sensitive hands massaged my ass and slowly rubbed her finger around my ass hole. It was so erotic! She had me in her control and I loved it more than words can say. I had a phenomenal 90 minute session with Vanessa. During that time she seemed to read my mind as she brought me to the edge of a climax multiple times for an hour. When she finally took me over the edge, she treated me to one of the most pleasurable and intense orgasms I've ever experienced in my life!!! She is a sensual Goddess and an amazing provider. Your life will be better after a blissful session with her! Don't miss out!! Contact her soon."

appearance:  9 - Model material

performance:  9 - Forgot it was a service

attitude:  Wonderful

atmosphere:  Erotic

Review from theeroticreview.com, user id SATISFIEDINSF, September 2014.


"I got into her room and she was wearing an amazing sexy bra and thong with a robe on. I gave her the agreed upon funds, then went to take a shower. When I came back, I lay naked on the massage table (she has a studio, its in the middle of the apartment). She is seriously beautiful! We talked for a bit (she is easy to talk to) and she gave me a light massage. Then she started to tease the boys with her fingers and nails. She kept doing this for about 20 minutes, getting me hotter and hotter. I was ready to burst. She was nude by now too and kept rubbing her amazingly large and firm tits all over me and into my hands. I finally turned over and she really started to play with my dick more...I had my hands on her ass and she kept talking dirty. She then asked if she could suck on him...I said "hell yes!!!" After a condom was put on and some amazing deep throat techniques, I asked to cum on her tits...she took the cover off and let my completely cover them (I was really built up at this point)!! She then lightly stroked my whole body for a bit, I took a shower and left...promising to be back soon. Run to her...amazing time!!!!

"I've been meaning to see Vanessa for a while and finally was able to schedule the visit. My main regret is that it took me so long to see her!!! WOW!!! First, she is better looking in person than in her photos (I've never seen that before). She really loves what she does and it shows!!! I had no issue booking with her, arrived on time, was seen promptly and when I entered her room, the fun began...

appearance:  10 - One in a lifetime

performance:  10 - One in a lifetime

attitude:  Wonderful attitude...she loves what she does

atmosphere:  Great incall near the ballpark in San Francisco

Review from theeroticreview.com, user id MURPHTOM, August 2014.


Summary: Awesome Grand Slam Massage near the ballpark

Near AT&T Ballpark, is a San Francisco treasure. The treasure is not gems, diamonds, or rubies but a genuine woman that makes you feel like a man. Her name is Vanessa, a lass of Dutch European ancestry, and her immaculate studio, is an emporium of pleasure. Actually, her studio is an oasis in this section of Frisco. Vanessa's warmth is sincere, her lovely smile is most enchanting, and yes you will be spoiled and pampered, if you choose to visit her. I had only known Vanessa for a short time but she made me feel at ease, like I had know her a life time. Vanessa has beauty contest looks and reminds me of Aphrodite goddess statutory I have seen in the finest museums in Paris, France; Florence, Italy and St. Petersburg, Russia. Yes, just like a Greek goddess of love and beauty. Her chiseled face, long blond hair, and feminine body made my body turn on soon after we met on New Years Eve. The meeting was easy via email and telephone. Her place is reachable
via foot, public transit or taxi, and it has ample parking for those who drive. We greeted each other with an embrace as she was in a nightgown and we had some ice breaking conversation, and soon it was time for a shower which she turned on for me. I was thankful for the shower, as I had walked to Vanessa's place, and had stepped into a cafe for a glass of red wine, and the refreshing shower water made me cool down as Vanessa was so hot and inviting. Vanessa has a rack of fine wine in the room, which demonstrated to me that she enjoys the finer things life has to offer. I emerged from the shower to view fine lingerie on Vanessa's sexy body. It was like I was dreaming. She had me lay nude face down on the table and began to caress me and massage every inch of my body. Her hands trickled down my ass several times, and touched my balls, and this gave me immense pleasure. I was able to reach out and massage her firm calf's due to bicycle riding and nice
curved behind. Later when she got near to me I squeezed her beautiful natural breasts, which she enjoyed. I held one of her hands briefly and she did not left go, but continued to pleasure me using just one arm. Her breasts were a sight of beauty, like the City's Twin Peaks. I really felt like I had died and was in heaven and she was my assigned angel. Vanessa climbed on my back and massaged me with her breasts. Throughout the massage we spoke about a variety of topics and this was meaningful to me. I turned over and we embraced, and her smell was incredible. Vanessa paid a lot of attention to her new toy, my member. I requested, and now I highly recommend her prostate massage offering. She gently inserted her gloved finger into me and rubbed my prostate; completely waxed my firm member; and I experienced a mind-blowing climax. Vanessa as a provider does not short change you and I plan to visit her regularly. Vanessa really fulfills the missing part of the sexual fantasy I do not have enough of in my marriage, however, I still deeply love my wife. Bottom line, it was New Years Eve, wife was on travel, I had a small glass of wine before I arrived at Vanessa's place, but after I left her studio I did not desire any more New Year Eve libations, as Vanessa's attentive massage produced such an intoxication of euphoria within my body, that had a lasting effect. Her massage is better than any drink or anti-depressant one could take. My balls dropped in San Francisco on New Years Eve, before the large Waterford crystal ball dropped in New York's Times Square, thanks to Vanessa's talent.
Before I left, we embraced for a long time, and she told me she was "getting pretty," to enjoy the rest of New Years on the town. I really am not sure how much more pretty one can get, as she is gorgeous. Vanessa is my new friend and I believe she will assist me reaching my new goals in the New Year. Vanessa is a rarity in the crowded world of FBSM providers. Thank God for putting angels like Vanessa on Earth. The name Vanessa originated with poet Jonathan Swift. In Greek, the name Vanessa means butterfly. This Vanessa in San Francisco is like a butterfly, as she is not just beautiful on the outside, but more importantly, beautiful on the inside. Vanessa's services are highly recommended, as she has a keen passion for FBSM+, has a high level of expertise, and her outstanding actions clearly demonstrate her love, to give others great joy and happiness.

Looks:  face 10, body 10
Attitude: 10
Service: 10
Handle: Discobolus


"Got to the address she sent me and called her. She responded really quickly and directed me to her apartment. After I went in, she was in a silk robe and gave me a super long hug. She was exactly as advertised...young, blonde, and sexy body & voice. After I took a quick shower, she asked me to lay down on the table and proceeded to disrobe to unveil a milky and luscious body. She proceeded to give me a long CMT massage with a lot of body to body action.....

Vanessa was very responsive to me caressing her legs and butt during the massage. She would even slide her breasts in a teasing manner all over my body. I especially enjoyed how she would lay her breasts across my hands so that I can get plenty of cupping action. After 25 minutes of massage and teasing, I asked her if I could flip over and she responded that she was waiting for me to do that in a very sexy and come-hither voice. She proceeded to stroke my cock and then asked me if I loved getting my cock sucked on. I told her I did and she used her mouth to put a condom on me and then went to down. I could definitely tell that she loved giving blowjobs as she went all the way down to my shaft.

After getting close to cumming, she took my cock and began to rub it across her breasts. I almost thought I died and went to heaven when she began to slide my cock in between her breasts. Her breasts are all-natural and it felt absolutely fucking amazing as she continued to titty fuck my cock up and down. This was definitely the highlight of the session as her breasts are so soft and luscious and perfectly made for Russian style. During this whole time, Vanessa encouraged me to not only spank her a little, but to talk dirty to her and explore my fantasies. As soon as I was getting close, I sat up on the massage table and straddled her. We both started jerking my cock as she pressed her body against mine and began to whisper naughty comments into my ear. I couldn't hold on any longer and when I was ready to cum, she began to stroke my cock with her breasts until I exploded all over her chest. It was by far...one of the best FBSM+ sessions that I have had. I would highly recommend seeing Vanessa in the future."

appearance:  9 - Model material

performance:  8 - Went the extra mile

attitude:  Excited

atmosphere:  Nice

Review from theeroticreview.com, user id LUSCIOUS105, July 2014.


"Celebrated the holidays with a special holiday dinner meal followed by some entertainment.

Took her out for her favorite cuisine and caught up on some old times. Vanessa is a looker and she knows it. She always plays this demure girl, but those that know her well, know she has a dominating side that is quietly enticing. I've known her for about a year now, so getting to her was quite easy as we hadn't seen each other in a while and really wanted to catch up and see if either of us had made progress o what we said we'd do.

After dinner we retired to her place and got down to the dirty. We already have a routine which I love because it just feels so natural. Nothing needs to be said. The only difference here was the exchange of our secret Santa gifts. I think she enjoyed my present and gave me a thank you that lasted for some 90 minutes with multiple releases and a nice leisurely shower. 

As always, will be back. Just not sure when as both our schedules are very hectic.

Vanessa is another YMMV provider. I'm not sure what she provides others, but I'm guessing I get more out of her than most except for her regulars. We have become pretty good acquaintances outside of the business through accidental circumstance so by no means should anything be implied that you'd get from somewhere else.

Vanessa's massage is not to be missed. If that is all you want with a happy ending, you will get a great one. When she puts that warm oil to your body, you will just melt literally. Holy mackeral. Her soft voice encouraging you to show her how good you feel is amazingly seductive and the way she throws her hair over you is lack a cat of nine tails being lightly thrashed across your face.

She must keep great notes or have a great memory. A bit of a female dom, Vanessa loves to control her lovers and should she believe you are man enough to take it, she will take control of your back side like no other. Oh yes, she enjoys it both physically and mentally. This time we didn't partake in her foot worship activities, but she really loves that. 

When we went out, she pretended that she just found out her skirt was too short with too little time to change. She wore that skirt on purpose to make me blush. Oh everyone knew she had no underwear on. I had a boner for her all through dinner. I was going to have to talk to my doctor about the boner that was lasting more than 4 hours! LOL!"

appearance:  8 - Really Hot

performance:  9 - Forgot it was a service

attitude:  10

atmosphere:  10

Review from theeroticreview.com, user id ALOHAAL, January 2014.


Summary:  First-class provider; FBSM was top-notch. Not a clock-watcher at all. Best provider I have seen. Very attractive; looks even better in person.

Had an 1.5 hour appointment with Vanessa last month at her in-call location in the SOMA area of San Francisco near the ball park. As a repeat customer, I really cannot complain about anything. I mean, I hate to give “10s” out, but I do not know what more could be improved.

Outstanding FBSM; she worked over my whole body, got on the table with me, teasing in between, to a drawn out completion at the end. Everything was as advertised. She looks better than she appears in her pictures.

She was ready at the stated appointment time, offered shower before and after, awesome personality, and a great conversationalist. I was totally comfortable with her, which adds a lot to the experience. And especially being in San Francisco, her place is in a clean, well-lit neighborhood with ample parking. If you have been to San Francisco, you know that you might consider selling your first-born for a parking space.

Vanessa was super-easy to get in touch with, and she confirmed appointment via email and phone. We were talking about places to eat at in San Francisco, and she recommended a Thai restaurant that was nearby. She even looked up the address for me while I was in the shower post-massage! Turns out the place was great, but I guess it is hard to wrong with Thai food.

We also talked about her business, and she mentioned that she has been expanding into doing FBSM with couples, including exploring various fetishes (strap-on, feet, voyeurism, etc). YMMV, so I would ask her about it first. I believe she is safe and discreet, and that this does not go into FBSM+ territory…but nor does she advertise as such. I saw a previous reviewer discussing what sounded like a very hot time with Vanessa and his wife. If you wanted to try something out with your significant other, seems like Vanessa would be a great provider to explore this with.

Overall, another great experience. 10 out of 10.

Looks: face 9, body 10
Attitude: 10
Service: 10
Handle: eurekaca123


Summary:  FBSM trifecta: mind, body and spirit. Soft touch sweetheart - thoughtful, open dialogue appreciated. Gorgeous, silky blonde hair, striking figure.

Gentlemen, it does not take too long to concur with Vanessa's 5-star ranking. From first sighting of those pictures (love the red toes!) to first contact, to greeting and farewell she handled herself with poise, class and professionalism. Once in her world, you will find more a kindred sensual experience (for an old dog like me) than GFE - a youthful, playful spirit beyond her years, well versed in FBSM! She can take the lead or intuit your cues or work with your special fantasy needs. Her CMT and sensual massage were extraordinary --- as good as it gets! She has studied the craft: teacher and provider. And, should you choose to converse, as I did, add in the soft, wide open, caring dialogue -- around the trade, ourselves, local geography ---really enjoyed it and learned from her as well. Clean shower area, warm towels, great mood in her SOMA dwelling. She is a treasure in the FBSM space! I had a great time! Would repeat and highly
recommended at 90 minutes+. Hugs. Thanks, Vanessa.

Looks:  face 9.5, body 9.5
Attitude: 10
Service: 10
Handle: wyowyatt

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