FBSM Provider Vanessa Love


Vanessa Takes You to Heaven Slowly


You are a powerful man with hidden desires.
You want to take off your mask and surrender to pleasure.
You long to escape into a safe, sensual oasis.
You want to explore arousal, secret sensations and erotic play.
You want to relax into your true self and be pampered by a happy goddess.
You want her to take you to heaven and bring you back slowly.


My velvet hands will caress you, heal you and take you to heaven.
I give you my touch, my voice, and my body wisdom for your delight. 
I want to play with you for an hour or more in the ways you need and love.
Let us escape the harsh world of work and worry to revel in the soft realm of your natural erotic self.
I have prepared a menu of special pleasures to take you into the secret places of bliss.
Please see the Come to Me page.


When we enter a private space for a shared goal, we create an Us.
As a couple, we share tastes, values, and desires.
We love to talk, laugh and share a refreshing drink.
We let music open us to what we hide inside.
We love our sensuality deep and slow.
We enjoy beautiful, soft textures for the eye, the ear, the nose and the skin.
We want to see, hear, smell and feel more life.
We reach for the good feelings we both love.

 . . . every caress, every touch, every last bit of the body has its secret, which brings happiness to the person who knows how to wake it.  ~Herman Hesse



San Francisco

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